Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Geometric Constructions

Geometry is a very old branch of mathematics.The first lessons  of geometry evolved along the great river of Nile in Egypt.It has its roots in the dispute setting mechanisms used by small farmers cultivating on the Nile delta.Disputes were common as the floods would wash away the boundary lines of their fields.These disputes on land rights were the first problem that geometry addressed.You may know that the word geometry means measurement of the earth.It was Greek philosophers who consolidated and presented the discoveries of Egyptians.Euclid of  Alexandira  consolidated numerous discoveries of that time in his classic 'elements' (300 BCE).In 'elements' Euclid considered  those objects that could be  made of lines and circles alone.(can you guess why?).we are living in an age of software applications such as GeoGebra which can be used to draw anything that we can think of . still,the constructions explained in 'elements' will continue to have its historical relevance.  

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