Friday, December 10, 2010


Gimp is the acronym for GNU Image Manipulation Programme it is a free softwares used for drawing,image editing,preparation of logos,and animation.It is GIMP version 2.2 that is used in  this chapter.In order to open he software,go to 'applications' menu, select 'Graphics' and click on the tab 'GIMP Image Editor'. The main window in GIMP appears with tools in it.

Sunclock is a software application that delineates the countries experiencing day or night at a given time on a world map using light ad shade.Numerous facts including time differences across countries,distances between regions,and longitudes and latitudes of various places are available on Sunclock.Sunclock offers geographical information including position of the sun and the  moon at a given time on a given day.


There are several softwares  application that help us understand  elements .let's try to use one such softwares called Kalzium ,which  is available on GNU Linux platform.
       Every element has its own specific properties .Often it is possible to understand some of these just by observing them. See the element shown in the picture.

GeoGebra  is a mathematical educational software applecation originally  developed by Markus Hohenwarter  of the university  of Salzburg in 2001 Warter, now at  the university of Florida,is still working on improving the application GeoGebra  is a free software . any body intrested  in it is free to learn, improve ,and distributed it.

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